SoftWare and InFrastructure Technology for High Energy Physics

Organisation - SWIFT-HEP


swift-hep Organisation


The SWIFT-HEP coordinator is Davide Costanzo (Sheffield, ATLAS) and deputy Conor Fitzpatrick (Manchester, LHCb).
The current conveners of the work packages are:

Starting from SWIFT-HEP 1.5 WP1 and WP5 are working together to deliver the tools needed by the users to develop an analysis facility

Advisory board

The advisory board is formed by the UK spokespersons of the major experiments as well as the PI of GridPP and IRIS

Current team

People currently funded to work on SWIFT-HEP are

  • WP0: Davide Costanzo (Sheffield), Project manager effort at RAL
  • WP1/5: Sam Eriksen (Bristol), Tim Noble (RAL)
  • WP1/5: RSE effort at Imperial College
  • WP2: Chris Gutchow (UCL), Fernando Abudinen (Warwick, externally funded), RSE effort at Warwick
  • WP3: Ben Morgan (Warwick), RSE effort at Manchester
  • WP4: Alison Elliot (RAL), Jyoti Biswal (RAL), Ryan Cross (Warwick)